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Monday, July 22, 2013

Shooting Jes Sachese - Behind the scenes

Jes Sachse was full of humour and generosity on our latest shoot. here's a look at how the shoot unfolded:

“Growing up, I felt like I had to pick between something stylish and something I could actually wear. It would be nice to realize a future where retailers and the fashion industry stop forcing people to make that choice.” – jes sachse
How can fashion engage with disability? While we’ve recently seen a fair bit of progress regarding companies that accommodate wardrobes of folks of varying bodies and abilities, it’s not exactly a one-size-fits-all solution. Clothing is an incredibly personal and political choice, and no two sets of needs are exactly alike.
In our most recent issue, we had an in-depth chat with artist and activist jes sachse about how identifying as disabled and genderqueer collides with their love of fashion. We had a great conversation full of new ideas, the re-telling of experiences, and hard laughs. Beautiful photos were taken, and feet were tap-tapping away during the whole shoot.
It was a damn good time.
text // Jenna Danchuk
video // Daniel Reis
end animation // Barry Potter
Read full article and view my photographic contribution in Issue 16 of  Worn Fashion Journal 

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