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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rock Show Archive

There are stories that go with these images. Stories written in a book, my journal, that was stolen with my backpack by a street kid from under my desk. The journal was filled with fantastic stories of adventure, debauchery, treachery and friendship. If this book ever turns up I bet another adventure would ensue.

The other day I realized I hadn't looked at these images for over a decade. Hadn't shown them to anyone I currently know - I mean there was a time we were all living these stories. There was no social media to share them with the world, if you didn't come to my house you wouldn't have seen them posted up on my wall with thousands of other images of my friends and our daily happenings.
At the time I shot these images all I lived for was shooting, that much hasn't changed.  I've posted a larger edit on my site.

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